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mining design

Research and design includes consulting service, design service, and theoretical studies. To be specific, it covers project scheme, FSR, preliminary design and safety facilities design, construction drawings design, rock mechanics and filling test.

Mining Design

Consulting Service

Project scheme

Project scheme is an important component of preliminary design, providing basis for project establishment and guiding follow-up work. It aims to answer such questions as project construction necessity, project scale, initial production technology, investment estimation and financial assessment. Xinhai Mining can provide the project scheme according the customers’ need, including project construction basis and necessity, preliminary analysis on resource and construction conditions, resource conditions, raw material supply conditions, construction conditions, primary plan for project location and scale, product and production technology, general environmental impact assessment, cost estimation and funding, project schedule, primary elevation on economic and social benefits, essential attached documents.

Feasibility study report (FSR)

In the feasibility study stage, Xinhai signs the entrusting agreement with entrusting unit (client). After both sides reach an agreement, Xinhai starts to form a working group for the mining project, and carry out the detailed research, including resources (or materials) conditions, external conditions, market demand, production scale, technological process, product scheme, engineering layout, construction investment estimation and financing, cost accounting, economic benefits, construction schedule, etc., then calculates the result and compares the different schemes, and knows whether mining projects should be built and how to build, writes the report, and forms the formal report after exchanging the views and entrust unit.

Preliminary design

With the FSR approval documents and experts’ review comments, and the geological exploration report approved by the relative resource reserves commission, and approved hydrological report on mining areas with complex hydrology, Xinhai Mining starts the preliminary design work, and carry out the configuration of mining equipment and solution based on the principle of favorable production, convenient management, safety mine production, land saving and lower investment, finally provides the customers with an perfect mining scheme with ideal benefits.

Preliminary design

The preliminary design plan mainly involves: data about the supply of raw materials and auxiliary materials; data about project engineering geology and hydrogeology, topographic mapping, meteorology, earthquake, techno-economic results or other natural conditions; data about water, electricity, transport, mechanical maintenance, vehicle repair, land requisition, and demolition; test report on the disposal of three wastes, environmental impact assessment report, and related approval documents; water and soil conservation report and related approval documents; data about techno-economic estimation.

Original general layouts, current status of exploitation, as-built drawings or surveyed drawings of workshops and buildings, equipment configuration drawings, as-built drawings of concealed works, ground and underground pipeline drawings of available buildings, and data about existing production, technology and equipment and financial results for project upgrading and expansion.

DTH drill

Xinhai Mining has many engineers who can design different types of mining plants (less investment, quick capital return or easy management) according to clients’ requirements. After the completion of the preliminary design, Xinhai experts will gather all content to form the detailed “Preliminary design report " submitted to the competent department of Mine Design Institute.

Construction drawing design

After the approval of Mine Design Institute, Xinhai Mining experts need to implement agreements on water and power supply and land requisition, grasp the thorough geological investigation data and surveying maps with large scales, understand the client’s order of major mining equipment, collect the basic data such as general assembly drawings and foundation drawings of major equipment, make full preparations for construction drawing design.

mining site1
mining site2
mining site3

Xinhai mining design institute has many engineers with rich experience and fast drawing speed. After the construction drawing design is completed, Xinhai Mining experts will tell the details in the construction drawing design, such as matters needing attention, strict specifications and important contents in the construction drawing.

• All drawings for construction and installation;

• Instructions for major points of construction, installation and production;

• Technical data about non-standard equipment and special requirements for manufacturing;

• Construction drawing design instructions;

• List of equipment and materials and order list of belt conveyor and other equipment.

Research Service

The research service mainly includes two parts: research on rock mechanics and filling test research.

Research on rock mechanics

mining site

The purpose of rock mechanics research is to find out the objective laws and control methods of mine pressure occurrence during real production and put forward prevention and control measures for low-pressure risks. Meanwhile, the theories of rock mechanics can be used to guide mine design, construction and installation so as to ultimately exploit underground resources while ensuring safety, economic benefits, intense production and high indicators.

Ground pressure control is an important means to ensure effective exploitation and production.

A number of complex issues occurred in real production can be addressed through rock mechanics research. Take the following examples:

• Methods can be found to control shaft ground pressure in harsh conditions;

• Mining order, method, structural elements and stope maintenance method can be determined based on rock stress characteristics and ground pressure laws to ensure workplace safety and maximum exploitation;

• Solutions can be found to mined-out areas;

• Sliding caused by underground mining can be prevented;

• Impact on ground buildings can be minimized and safe mining of coal under buildings, railroads and water bodies can be ensured;

• The appropriate slope angle can be determined and unstable slope can be anchored;

• Issues involving rock blasting can be solved.

Filling test research

Filling test includes settlement test, slump test, strength test and round-pipe test. Filling test can provide an important theoretical basis for the design of filling system and production. The filling technology can be determined by analyzing the physical properties of tailings. The test can identify the technical conditions for filling and the filling method, so as to ensure effective filling of the mined-out areas and sound exploitation.