Mining EPC+M+O

Mining Engineering

Design service and theoretical research, mainly including project proposal, feasibility study report, primary design and safety facilities design, construction drawing, rock mechanical test, filling test.

Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Manufacturing and procurement of mining equipment, mine materials, pipeline, power cable, etc. Then the mining equipment is delivered to the mining plant in sound conditions after the packing and delivery.

mining design
Mining Construction

Guidance of mining plant construction and equipment installation, mining equipment commissioning, etc.

Mine management and operation

Mine management and operation service are management service in construction period and operation service in production period according to the requirements of customers.

Mining Installation

Mining Solutions

Open Pit Mining

Open Pit Mining

Open pit mining usually covers the whole boundaries. Horizontal slices with certain thickness are defined to extract ore from top to bottom until reaching the ultimate or temporary boundary and forming the ultimate or temporary slope.

Underground Mining

Underground Mining

Underground mining is to dig a series of wells and tunnels from the surface to the ground to reach the ore body for preparation and mining.