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ZGYX-812 Underground Excavation Jumbo

ZGYX-812 underground excavation jumbo is designed for rock drilling in the small roadways. This excavation equipment can drill the horizontal blasting holes and can be applied in the anchor bolt reinforcement.

ZEGA UP45 Mining Drill

ZEGA UP45 crawler down-the-hole mining drill is a new, efficient and specialized medium- and deep-hole drill which is independently developed by our company. It combines the capacities of overseas products and the technologies of domestic medium- and deep-hole drills. The purchase and maintenance costs are low, consumables are widely available, and equipment operation is easy.

ZGYX-811 Underground Excavation Jumbo

Zhigao single-boom series excavation drill can provide quality services for customers in the aspects of well-designed shape, configuration and system control.

Air-jack Leg Drill

There are two main types of air- jack leg drill, named YT28 and YSP 45. YT28 is used for horizontal hole, YSP45 is used for vertical hole. They are equipment with high labor intensity but low price.

ZGYX-813 Underground Excavation Jumbo

The ZGYX-104 rock drill has a maximum power of 20kW, and a high frequency of 60Hz to ensure high efficiency. The double-buffer system and automatic adjustment system can increase penetrating efficiency and reduce the consumption of drill tools.


90 rig is a long-hole rock drilling equipment powered by compressed air and hydraulic oil. It is mainly used to drill long blast holes in upward sector holes in the underground stope.