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Mining EPC+M+O

Xinhai Mining is committed to providing “Turn-key Solution for Mining Plant (EPC+M+O)", namely “design and research - complete equipment manufacturing and procurement - commissioning and delivery - mine management - mine operation”, which is customized from the actual situation of the mining plant.

Design service and theoretical research, mainly including project proposal, feasibility study report, primary design and safety facilities design, construction drawing, rock mechanical test, filling test.

• Mining Design

• Mining Research

Manufacturing and procurement of mining equipment, mine materials, pipeline, power cable, etc. Then the mining equipment is delivered to the mining plant in sound conditions after the packing and delivery.

• Equipment Manufacturing and Procurement

• Packing & Shipping

Guidance of mining plant construction and equipment installation, mining equipment commissioning, etc.

• Mine Construction

• Shaft and Drift Installation

Mine management and operation service are management service in construction period and operation service in production period according to the requirements of customers.

• Mine Management

• Mine Operation

Why Choose Xinhai Mining EPC+M+O Service?


Tailor-made Services

The whole mining process, from design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery to mine management, mine operation, is solely undertaken by Xinhai Mining, which guarantees the consistency of the whole mining process and is customized according to the actual situation of the mining plant.


One-stop Service

Xinhai's Mining EPC+M+O service involves all links in the construction of modern mining plant. It can provide not only high-efficiency and energy-saving mining equipment, advanced and practical mining process flow, professional production line configuration and considerate one-stop service for clients, but also the management service in construction period and operation service in production period for the mining plant.


Clear responsibility, short project period and considerable benefits

Xinhai Mining EPC+M+O service fundamentally eliminates various problems, such as budget overruns, construction delays, substandard equipment and process, unclear recovery benefits, buck-passing by various manufacturers and unclear after-sales responsibilities. It greatly shortens the construction period and investment costs of mining projects, ensures the economic benefits.


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