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Mongolia 3500 TPD Iron Mining, Processing and Tailings Treatment Project

2020-05-29 Source:XinHai Views (1968)

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Project introduction: 

This mine is located in the East Gobi, Mongolia. The administrative region attaches the East Gobi Province. The mine is 270km from Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, and 320km from China-Mongolia border crossing. The district is Mongolian steppe landform, and the terrain is flat and open. The mine body has a small extend and thin in thickness, generally 20-35m. The ore body has a complex shape, and changing a lot in lay of the mine and thickness. It results in a irregular shape of the upper part of the flat mining ground, and a small size of the deeper part mining ground flat.

Mining method: 

In this project, open pit mining and underground mining are combined. It refers from the China open pit mining practice and experience that: the dump truck has a reasonable mining depth less than 150m, and 120m is the most economical and reasonable. If the mining depth is over 150m, the transport cost increases largely, which needs electric wheel dump truck. It also increases the foundation construction largely. According to the geological information from client, this designed region is determined as the final realm of mining. The mining stope has a entrance 527m long, 397m width, 0.198km2 acreage, and the bottom 100m long, 52m width, 0.005km2 acreage. The elevation of the top of slope in stope is 1232m, and the lowest step elevation is 1052m. the biggest mining height is 186m (1044-1230m). The final slope up angle of the stope is 44-48°, and the down angle is 37-41°. After the open pit mining, the predicted mining period of hanging ores and underground ores near the mining stope is one year.

Main mining equipment

The ore body of Mongolia iron mine has a thickness of 30-35m on the main exploration line, which is thin. The shape of ore body in two wings are complex. The depth is shorter, only about 80m. To reduce the stripping ratio, the stripping equipment is small size equipment. According to the current equipment, DTH rock drill and grab are ready.

Drainage system: 

The mining area has a Mongolian plateau climate. It is dry and lack of rainfall. The topography of mining area is is flat and with a small height difference. The designed round topography of open pit reduces gradually to the outside. Therefore, the water outside the open pit is not easy to flow into it during the rainy season. It is no need for the construction of catchwater. A 0.1m height dam is enough on the south side.

The final mining area is 198000, and the depth 186m. The mining pit is facign the atmosphere. The rain amount changes a lot in rain season. For this reason submersible is applied. One or two water pumps should be open if rain amount is normal. Other submersible can be opened according to the rain amount.

Project result: 

This project is practical and safe, technology advanced and economically reasonable. The mining equipment is easy to operate, convenient to maintain, high-efficiency and energy-saving. Combined with the practical situation of Mongolia, Xinhai completed the mining operation with a high quality in tight time, and guaranteed the carry-out of processing operation.