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ZGYX-420/416-1 Split Open-pit Downhole Drill

The matched auxiliary power standard of this open-pit downhole drill is divided into two models: Yuchai four-cylinder YC4D80 and electric 45KW.


The open-pit downhole drill has improved the strength of each structural part, which can completely meet the functional requirements of various working conditions.

Adopting the double cycloid motor to drive the rotary head, which greatly enhances the torque of the drilling rig, and the hole diameter of the drill is larger.

The new shell design makes the maintenance and use of the drilling rig more convenient and enhances the beauty of the drilling rig.

Optional dry dust collector, without dust in drilling, more environmental protection, energy-saving;

420 model standard equipment engineering crawler plunger walking motor, more powerful climbing, more reliable quality.

Technical Specification

Drilling rig modelPowerRated power
ZGYX-420Yuchai YC4DK8058kW
ZGYX-420-1Yuchai YC4DK8073.5kW(Standard dry dust collector)