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ZGYX-430/416-1 Split Open-pit Downhole Drill

This type of drill rig is the traditional heavy-weight split type drilling rig. Its full-featured design and high-standard deploy is well received by the majority of users.


The pressure oil pump drives the full range of high voltage components.

It can deploy the max working torque 5500N.m, which is suitable for the operation of pit anchor, root canal, and large aperture twist drill rob.

Application scopeStructure

It is suitable for all kinds of drill holes and working conditions.

Technical Specification

Diesel engine parameters:

Drilling rig modelPowerRated power

General parameters:

Depth of drill hole30m
Drill rob specificationsφ76-3,000mm
Drill hole diametersφ110-165mm
Matching impacter4"/5"
Working torque3,500N.m
Swing speed0-100rpm
Working wind pressure0.7-2 Mpa
Gas consumption10-320m/min
Elevating power45kN
Walking speed (maximum)3km/h
Total weight6050kg/6,500kg
Transport size(LxWxH)7,370x2,360x2,560mm