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Open Pit Mining

After the geological work is completed, Xinhai Mining Equipment adopts the open-pit mining method for shallowly buried ores, generally using the whole boundary mining, and horizontal stratification from top to bottom until reaching the border. Open pit mining uses open trenches to prepare and strip on the ground. The rock in open pit mines is generally relatively hard. It is difficult to use excavation equipment to directly separate them from the original rock body.

Open Pit Mining

Open pit mining usually covers the whole boundaries. Horizontal slices with certain thickness are defined to extract ore from top to bottom until reaching the ultimate or temporary boundary and forming the ultimate or temporary slope.

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Underground Mining

Underground mining is to dig a series of wells and tunnels from the surface to the ground to reach the ore body for preparation and mining. The underground mining of Xinhai mining equipment mainly includes three stages of mine falling, transportation and ground pressure management, and different mining methods are adopted according to different geological morphological characteristics.