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Xinhai Mining can manufacture and purchase mining equipment, materials, pipelines, cables, etc. required by mines. Xinhai Mining also establishes a complete and strict quality management system, procurement and supplier management system and perfect packaging and shipping management system.

Equipment Manufacturing and Procurement

Equipment manufacturing

Covering an area of over 6.67 hectares and including 2 production areas, Xinhai Mining can manufacture more than 1,000 kinds of mining, mineral processing and smelting equipment and provide whole sets of equipment for mines with a capacity of below 50,000t/d. The company has acquired the ISO9001:2015 certificate and the CE certificate and honored as “Inspection-exempted Enterprise” several times.

In addition, Xinhai has established a comprehensive quality management system and procurement and supplier management system to ensure strict compliance with the standards for production and procurement.

Equipment Procurement

Xinhai has built a sound procurement and supply management system, and established long-term partnerships with suppliers of industrial influence. Xinhai can purchase mining and mineral processing equipment and materials for clients, such as equipment for blasting, loading, transportation, lifting, ventilation, drainage, power supply, compressed air and water supply, filling and maintenance, spare parts, and consumables.

To improve efficiency and quality, and reduce purchasing costs, Xinhai has applied a two levels of procurement mode of “centralized company procurement + minor procurement by project management department supplemented”. It has also set up a robust procurement and supply management system, including the Purchase Management Regulations of Equipment and Materials, Management Method of Circulating Materials and Low-Valued Consumables, and Management Regulations of Warehouse for Equipment Spare Parts.

In addition, Xinhai has developed an information platform to carry out procurement plan submission and approval, material acceptance and storage, general ledger management and supplier management in a unified and coordinated way. As a result, the procurement work can be monitored at any time.

Packaging and Shipping

Packing and shipping is crucial for equipment safety and delivery, and sound installation and commissioning.

Required materials Packing design Packing list Packing box procurement and fabrication Packing Check Taking picture icon2 Quarantine inspection icon2 Package sealing Sticking shipping mark and packing list icon2

Equipment Packing

Xinhai has adopted 7 packing methods in order to deliver the equipment without collision, abrasion and corrosion.

01 Unpacked

In order to save costs for the client, this method is applied to some wear-resistant quality products made by Xinhai that require no package, such as steel plates for installation, and cylinder shells.

02 Bundling

This is suitable to installation-oriented angle steel, U-steel and steel pipes, and small, wear-resistant equipment parts in large quantities such as stiffening plates, rib plates and flanges. Shipping marks for imports and exports should be put on the bundled equipment, indicating the names, specifications and quantities of the cargoes.

03 Rope

Equipment vulnerable to collision and damage is bundled by rope, including bearings, belt conveyors and motorized pulleys.

04 Waterproof wrap

Waterproof, anti-corrosive and wear-resistant stretch film is adopted for packing equipment requiring no package, secondary machine and electrical products, reducer, and electric control cabinets.

05 Plastic woven bag and air bubble film wrap

Equipment with paint easily scratched off is packed by this means to prevent rust, wear and collision.

06 Wood pallet

It is adopted for cargoes in large quantities that are loose and roll, including leaching tank impellers, belt conveyor supports and roller supports.

07 Wood box

Small devices in large quantities will be packed in the wood box together with packing lists written in Chinese and English, including spare parts, laboratory instruments and installation-oriented electrical materials.

Packing is managed by a working group involving engineers in machinery, mineral processing, electrics and automation, and industrial design, and personnel of quarantine inspection, customs clearance and storage. Computer simulation is adopted for sorting and packing based on the size, shape, weight, lifting and damp prevention of cargoes and the requirements for transport, disassembly, transfer and on-site installation positioning.

Wood box

Wood box



Plastic woven bag wrap

Plastic woven bag wrap

Waterproof wrap

Waterproof wrap

Equipment Shipping

Cargoes are to be packed in wooden cases, cartons, bags and containers, unpacked or bundled up in line with the conditions of international long-distance sea transport and automobile transport after landing.



Except for heavy equipment with excess size, all other equipment is shipped in 40ft containers which are fully utilized by our logistics personnel to save costs for the clients.

Flat rack container

Flat rack container

It is applied in shipping heavy equipment with excess size, such as hoister and mine car. The equipment is packed and bundled by specialized personnel to avoid any damage.

Containers and large-scale unpacked cargoes are numbered to make field installation faster and enable less lifting and transport. Cargoes are unloaded at designated positions for convenient transport, lifting and easy recognition.