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Electric Rock Loader

Electric rock loader is a loading machinery walking on the track rock with single bucket, loading before and unloading after. Its purpose is to load the rock or ore avalanched to the mine car. It contains a wide range of materials, such as gold, non-ferrous metals, black metals, non-metallic minerals and rocks, etc. The maximum diameter of the material can be up to 500mm and the maximum efficiency is achieved when the diameter is below 250mm. This machine is non-explosion-proof product, which is strictly prohibited to use in the environment with inflammable and explosive gas such as gas.


Z-17W electric rock loader

Z-17W electric rock loader is suitable for the ore mining and diversion tunnel engineering. The machine is bucket type, loading before and unloading after, rail wheel walking. Its track is 600, 762, 900 and so on, the power source is 380 v, particularly suitable for curve during the driving. Besides, it has the compact structure, flexible operation. The bucket bottom is alloy wear resistant material with high durability and long service life.

Z-30W electric rock loader

With the optimal design of the transducer machine, Z-30W electric rock loader has a more reasonable structure, stronger stability, more convenient operation, safer running, and higher efficient deslagging. The bucket bottom is alloy wear resistant material with high durability and long service life.

Application scopeStructure

Roadway section: width ≥2.5m, height ≥2.5m.

Inclination angle of roadway ≤8m.

Technical Specification

Z-17W electric rock loader:

Loading capacity m3/h20-30
Loading area m30.17
Loading width m1.7
Gauge mm600
Walking power KW10.5
Head bucket power KW10.5
Unloading height mm1250
Boundary dimension mmWhen the bucket is down, Length C:2020;Breadth K:1011; Height E:1920;Height D:1200

Z-30W electric rock loader:

Loading capacity m3/h50-60
Loading width mm2400
Loading height mm2240
Unloading height mm1360
Bucket capacity m30.3
Length mm2620
Breath mm1320
Height mm1545
Walking motor power KW13
Head bucket motor power KW15
Total weight kg4450