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Air-jack Leg Drill

There are two main types of air- jack leg drill, named YT28 and YSP 45. YT28 is used for horizontal hole, YSP45 is used for vertical hole. They are equipment with high labor intensity but low price.


1. YT28

Applicable to medium-hard or hard rock wet rock drilling.

Centralized operating mechanism, flexible start-up, gas-water linkage, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Energy saving and high efficiency, long service life of parts, high universal rate and good reliability.

High efficiency, strong function of blowing blast holes, large turning torque and superior to similar products.

The whole machine is equipped with FY200B oil injector.

2. YS45

YSP45 drilling rig is suitable for mining and raising rigs. It can drill upward holes in the direction of 60 degrees to 90 degrees from the horizontal plane. The applicable rock hardness is f = 8~18.

Technical Specification

Air consumption(L/s)≤81
Hole diameter(mm)φ34-42
Hole length(m)5
Working pressure(MPa)0.63
Working pressure(MPa)0.63; 0.5;0.4
Air consumption(L/s)≤111.6; ≤100; ≤92
Hole diameter(mm)φ34-42
Hole length(m)6