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ZGYX-813 Underground Excavation Jumbo

ZGYX-813 Underground Excavation Jumbo

The ZGYX-104 rock drill has a maximum power of 20kW, and a high frequency of 60Hz to ensure high efficiency. The double-buffer system and automatic adjustment system can increase penetrating efficiency and reduce the consumption of drill tools.


It will provide quality services for customers in the aspects of well-designed shape, configuration and system control.

The chassis and lifting safety ceiling ensure both equipment mobility and stability and operator’s safety.The drill boom featuring direct positioning can locate the drill holes quickly and accurately.

The hydraulic rock drilling system features automatic drilling, no lubrication, water and impaction, automatic advancement control via rotary pressure, automatic impaction control via propelling pressure, and automatic anti-jamming.

There is two-stage speed for forward and backward movement. In climbing the slope, the product can automatically lower speed and increase output torque without stopping the engine. The electrical systems adopt the CAN technology, and are arranged in a modular way to enable simple lines and higher reliability.

The specific function of removing hole-bottom wastes makes explosive charge convenient.

Application scopeStructure

It is widely applied in underground mine development, small tunnel excavation, and anchor bolt reinforcement.

Technical Specification

Technical ParametersZGYX-813
Drilling Scope45-89mm
Drill Rod SizeT38-H35-R32/3,700mm
Rock Drill ModelZY104M
DieselCummins QSB3.9-C80-C31
Diesel Power60kw@2,200rpm
Main Motor Power55kW
Pressure and Capacity of Water Pump12 bar 4m3/h
Pressure and Capacity of Air Compressor8 bar  0.3m3/min
Total Length of Propeller5,500mm
Moving Speed12/4.5 km/h
Climbing Angle15º
Turning RadiusInner R2,800mm Outer R4,900mm
Working Face Size (W*H)6,600*5,670mm
Maximum Working Area35m2
Outline Dimensions (L*W*H)10,920*1,650*2,100/2,800 mm