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ZEGA UP45 Mining Drill

ZEGA UP45 crawler down-the-hole mining drill is a new, efficient and specialized medium- and deep-hole drill which is independently developed by our company. It combines the capacities of overseas products and the technologies of domestic medium- and deep-hole drills. The purchase and maintenance costs are low, consumables are widely available, and equipment operation is easy.


Key hydraulic and electrical components are imported to ensure sound performance in harsh environments. The control system has gained recognition for sound performance in the markets.

Diesel and motor are used to provide power. The product is driven by diesel generator to move at a two-stage speed and by motor to operate with energy conservation and low noise.

Water spray is adopted for dust control. Water volume can be adjusted in accordance with particular conditions, and warning will be given in case of water shortage.

Application scopeStructure

It is primarily applied in underground mining, disasters relief, water conservancy projects, and anchor reinforcement.

Technical Specification

Technical ParametersUP45
Overall Machine
Outline Dimensions6,000*2,400*2,550mm
Turning Radium360o in situ
Climbing Angle30o
Moving Speed1.5m/3km/h two-stage
Diesel Power58kW
Motor Power55kW
Service System1.2
Drill Hole
Drill Rod Diameter76/68mm
Drill Rod Quantity20 pieces ea
Drill Rod Length1.5m (hole cutter)
Air Pressure10-25bar
Maximum Propulsion25kN
Propulsion Distance1,820mm
Maximum Lifting Force25kN
Propulsion Beam Length3,270mm
Maximum Torque (315 Motor)2,200/2,600Nm
Rotating Speed (315 Motor)68-103rpm
Maximum Torque (400 Motor)2,800/3,300Nm
Rotating Speed (400 Motor)54-81rpm
Front Inclining Angle30o
Back Inclining Angle60o
Turning Angle360o
Displacement Compensation1,740mm
Voltage380V, 660V (optional)
Start ModeStar-delta
Phase Order ProtectionWarning of wrong phase order, no starting
Motor Overload ProtectionYes
Leakage ProtectorYes
Cable Reel36