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SJ-400 Diesel Mobile Rock Splitter

The emission gas purifier is a platinum catalytic purifier of Canadian ECS with a silencing device, which greatly reduces the emission gas and noise pollution in the working tunnel.


The car body is narrow and the whole machine is low.

The frames are articulated with large steering angle and flexible steering.

The transmission system is hydrostatic. Variable pump and variable motor are used in hydraulic system.

The energy consumption is low and the transmission efficiency is high.

The engine adopts German DEUTZ BF4L 2011 or D914L air-cooled turbocharged engine with strong power.


Engine:Deutz BF4L2011 / 47.5kw / 2300rpm(D914L option)


Axle:Rigid Planetary Drive Axle, NO-SPIN differential in front axle


Application scopeStructure

SJ-400 diesel mobile rock splitter is widely used in various mines and tunnel construction projects to split large stones. It is especially suitable for underground mine operation.

Technical Specification

Dimension6900*1230*2000mmCliming Ability20°
Rod Diameter85mmBeating Frequency400-800bpm
Min. Ground Clearance220mmOscilation±8°